Sincerely, your co-parenting coach.


I tend to rush through parent meetings because I do not want to waste your time. To be honest, many of you look irritated that I even called a meeting. I understand your time valuable, but I want you to understand these meetings are of importance. These meeting allow your child to witness their parents and coaches basically co-parent. When I read our team contract and share the goals of the program, I am letting you know how I plan on raising OUR student-athlete while they are in my care. I want you involved in that discussion. In fact, I need you involved. I want you to understand my role as full-time volunteer/ co-parent/ head coach.

In order to support character, athletic and academic growth, I have spent years developing my philosophy of the program, quality practice plans and expectations. I also have spent countless hours organizing schedules, transportation, attending meetings and trainings. I am constantly stressing the importance of communication to our athlete. I find ways for our athlete to engage in school activities and volunteer. I prepare our athlete for college by assisting in the recruitment process, building their resumes and writing recommendation letters. I push our student-athlete with grade checks, study halls and goal setting. I established tournaments and fundraisers to lessen some of the financial burden. I research ways to increase my knowledge of coaching and the sport in order to properly prepare our athlete. I hope you all understand that everything I have incorporated into my position and program is to benefit your child. This also includes the time I spend away from my own family or bribing my two-year-old daughter to sit quietly with her two-month-old brother as I coach. In order to provide the best opportunities and experience, I have dedicated myself to building an effective program through building successful student-athletes.

I want to thank you all for allowing your children the opportunity to become a better version of themselves through athletics. Within athletics they can gain communication, organization and time management skills. They have access to scholarship and networking opportunities that would not be available if your child did not choose to participate in athletics. There are so many lifelong benefits of high school sports and scholarly articles to support that statement. My ultimate goals are to create and build loyalty, respect, service and personal growth. With your support, our athlete’s effort and my program philosophy, I believe the rewards are limitless.

As I tell our athletes, you need to trust the process and more importantly trust me as coach. If you want your child to get the most of being a student-athlete, and I do not mean by simply excelling in athletics, then I need your support. Discuss any concerns with me and we can work together to find solutions. We are on the same team.


your co-parenting coach.

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