personal growth

Growing with goal setting.

Like most of you probably do, I often think about where I am in life and where I would like to be. I often overthink this topic too. This entry is going to be a reflection of just that; a glimpse into my mind as I reestablish myself.

It has been almost a year since my last post, and I do not know where to begin on sharing the changes that occurred. I have had some rough days, but I pushed through and experienced multiple blessings in return. I find myself questioning my every action in regards to how it will effect my life. I also spend more time reflecting on my goals and putting the proper energy into accomplishing them. This mindfulness has been beneficial  and has kept me grounded through the past year. I can honestly say that I have had positive outcomes from the adjustments I have made with my lifestyle and mindset. As I have strengthened my mind, I feel as if I have gained control over my emotions as well. This has allowed me to continue in the direction I desire regardless of negativity that I have experienced. I truly believe I have found the ultimate happiness within myself. Let me be honest, I do not have it all under control. Trust me. I have found myself crying, multiple times, but I have been able to collect myself without spending days holding onto an issue. I am able to let those emotions out, and then work towards finding the light again. My greatest life and goal adjustments in the past year have surrounded my pregnancy. It is no longer about me and my goals of pursuing success as an individual. In my journey of becoming a mother, I have been working towards creating a positive environment for my child to grow and develop in. This has begun with my own personal growth and development. In my opinion, this starts with creating goals. When I set goals, I usually set them in three categories; mind, body and spirit. Truth is, I need to spend less time thinking of goals, and more time accomplishing them.

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